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Post  Josh94 on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:17 pm

  • KEEP IT CLEAN - Do not post or link to any adult content. Failure to do so will result in warns or bans.
  • KEEP IT LEGAL - Do not post or link to warez. Self explanatory, do not link to free stuff you should have to pay for.
  • KEEP IT FRIENDLY - No flaming other users. Heated debates are fine, but if it gets to the point you're calling each other names then action will be taken.
  • KEEP IT SANE - Unlike most forums I have little to no tolerance for retarded posts. What I mean by this is simply replying to a thread with pointless (i.e I lol'd) will result in a warn, ESPECIALLY if you just post a single picture. This isn't 4chan. Have a reason before you post, other than to humor others with stupid comments.
  • FIRST IMPRESSION IS EVERYTHING - Post shit on my forum in your first post and you're gone.
  • SPEAK IN ENGLISH - This is an English speaking board, we please ask for the understanding and comprehension for all our members that you do not speak in other languages other than English.

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